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A little bit of me

Journey :

-Aromatherapy - Tina Russilo

- Personal development - Marie-France Pierre

- TRANSURFING - Route 4 modules

- Dien Chan - Level 6

- Former PBA practitioner and trainer (psycho bio acupressure)-  Level 5

- Emotional acupressure

- Hypno-massage - Yvon Beauchamps

- Reiki - Level 2

- PSIO ambassador (combined light therapy and relaxation)

- Access Bars Facilitator

- Facelift

- Healy 

My name is Isabelle, I was born in 1963. In a previous life, I was a police inspector, and by dint of being "a sponge", with regard to what the people I was brought to felt felt. rub shoulders with, I had to find "natural" solutions in order to protect myself, because I don't like antidepressants and sleeping pills of any kind. At the time, I was told about aromatherapy and reiki which could be a solution for me. So I took different aromatherapy modules with Tina Russilo and did my first level in Reiki.


I then did 3 years of personal development with Marie-France Pierre in Liège. During these courses, we not only did more advanced aromatherapy, but Marie-France opened us up to a good number of other natural, energetic and other disciplines. On this occasion, I notably discovered Dien-Chan, it is a method of facial multireflexology invented at the beginning of the 1980s, by Professor Doctor Bùi Quoc Châu, consisting in detecting and stimulating painful points on the face and the body. During a Dien-Chan course in Paris, I was told about Psycho-Bio-Acupressure, and I said “waouwwww”. This method immediately attracted me and I signed up for courses with Professor Pierre-Noel Delatte, who developed this method. I obtained level 5, and was a level 1 trainer. Unfortunately, I am no longer part of the Institute, being in disagreement with their functioning.

I also have training in relaxing massages with essential oils, as well as in hypno-massage.

I practice positive thinking and the law of attraction thanks to my readings on the subject (Daniel Dévigny, Louise Hay, Lise Bourbeau, Marcelle Della Faille,…), as well as Hoponopono.

Currently, I also have my level 2 in Reiki.

Since 2016, I have been an ambassador for PSIO light therapy and relaxation glasses, and since March 2019, I have been an Access-bars and Face-lift facilitator.

Thanks to all these tools, and still others fished here and there during various trainings, I opened a space at home, L'Oasis de Vignamont where I welcome you for personalized care that will allow you to evacuate your emotional blocks, stress, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that limit you.

If you feel anxious, burnt out, have sleep problems or are flat in all areas, I have several solutions to offer you that will put you back on the right track, that of YOUR life!

I welcome adults as well as teenagers, children and babies.


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