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What is le Dien Chan?


It is a facial multireflexology method invented in the early 1980s by Professor Doctor Bùi Quoc Châu, consisting of detecting and stimulating painful points on the face and body.
a) the method originates from multiple sources:

  •   different medicines (eastern, western, traditional, popular)

  • the great Asian philosophies (

  • Lao Tseu, Confusius, Buddha, spiritual monism, relativism ...)

  • Vietnamese culture (linguistics, proverbs, tradition, ...)

  • experience of various methods such as acupuncture, acupressure, massages.

  • enrichment by all followers

b) she uses the look, the questions, the listening, the touch and tools (simple like the finger or the hand)
or materials (many tools adapted to each case), 
c) she applies different techniques (change when she doesn't work)
d) "it depends" (on people, times, current yin or yang state...)
e) just enough, not too much, not too little: stop on time (at 80%)
f) its efficiency is amazing, in a few moments
g) it is based on deeply humanitarian values 
h) it is based on elaborated and tested theories (reflecting, similarity of shape, non-pain points, yin and yang ...)


Who does this help? How to do ?


Everyone, but especially
- to all those who want to practice it on themselves
- to those who want to practice it on their loved ones
- to those who want to teach it
- to those who want to develop it


What is it for, why do it?

To improve your well-being, reducing medication and their side effects: - relieve pain, as a complement to official medicine or while waiting for the doctor - strengthen your tone, balance your energy - keep your youth - increase your beauty


Biography of Professor and Doctor Bùi Quôc Châu


Director of Vietydao-Vinatherapy Center
Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) - Vietnam
Born April 3, 1942 in Vinh Long – South Vietnam.

1965 - 1980 Research on traditional medicine and acupuncture.
Receives the Teachings of Lê van Kê, Khuong duy Dam, Tran dac Thuong.
1965 - 1969 University studies in law, letters and philosophy.

Work experience in Vietnam
1977 - 1983 Specialty in Acupuncture at the Drug Rehabilitation Center in Binh Trieu, Thu Duc, HCM City.

1981-2009 With his Vietnamese collaborating students and other nationalities, he trained more than 15,000 Dien Chan specialists in Vietnam and in 35 countries. (Vietnam, France, Spain, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Israel, United States, Canada, Cuba, Argentina, Mexico, Russia, Poland, Martinique, China, Laos , Thailand, Taiwan, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Japan, Reunion Island, Australia, England, New Zealand, Togo, India, Cambodia).

medical practice
1981- 2009 Over four million patients were successfully treated for various disorders at the “Vinatherapy Center” in Ho Chí Minh City and other parts of Vietnam.

Discoveries and Inventions
1970 Yin-Yang Qi-gong, Vietnamese breathing method which allows the regulation of Qi yang and Qi yin and the resolution of many functional disorders.
1979 Invention of the technique to find reflex points in the body.
1980 Discovery of the Dien Chan diagrams and the first points of reflection, including point nº1 on the nose and on the face. Development of the Dien Chan technique.
1983 Implementation of the 12 morning massages of Dien Chan
1983 Invention of Veterinary Reflexology, techniques to treat animals, such as horses, cows, dogs and cats with Dien Chan thought patterns.
1983-2009 Development of more than 88 models of tools for treatments using the Dien Chan technique.
1984 Vietnamese dietary nutrition.
1985 New moxibustion technique.
1985 New technique of detoxification and cure of drug addicts.
1986 Contraceptive technique by Dien Chan.
1987 Prenatal education of future mothers with Yin Yang Qi-Kung.
1987 Technique for developing mental faculties and memory capacity.
1988 New developments of Dien Chan.
1988-89 Whole body thinking patterns; extension of Dien Chan in multireflexology.
1992 Voluntary meditation gymnastics.
2006 Six reflex zones that correspond to the body's lymphatic system on the face.
2007 Treatment of psycho-somatic illnesses by energy techniques of Dien Chan.
2008 Shape similarity diagrams.
2008 The Tao of Vietnamese dietetics.

International experiences
1988 Havana, Cuba, 6 months.
1990 Moscow, Russia, 2 months.
1992 Paris, Warsaw, St. Gallaen (Switzerland), 8 months.
1998 Bahrain.
Since 2001 Various Dien Chan seminars and courses in various European countries (2-3 months per year).

Participation in congresses
1988 ICMART 88, Prague.
1990 Acupuncture Congress, Rome (Italy).
1990 2nd International Congress of Acupuncture in Paris (France).
1999 Peace of Mind Congress on Mount Abu (India) Organized by Brahma Kumaris University.
1999 37th International Congress for a Medicine of the New Millennium, Colombo (Sri-Lanka).
Open International University for Complementary Medicines.
2000 38º Congress of Alternative Medicine in Colombo (Sri-Lanka)
2004 SITEM: VII International Symposium of Massage Techniques, Barcelona.
2005 EXPO-MASAJE: International Congress of Massage Techniques, Madrid.

International titles
1988 Honorable Member of the Veterinary Acupuncture Association of Cuba.
2000 Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) by The Open International University for Complementary Medicine (Colombo Sri Lanka).
2001 Doctor of Complementary Medicine, “Star of Asia” awarded to brilliant minds in the world. (Colombo Sri Lanka).
2001 World Famous Doctor Beijing (China).
2003 Diploma of Recognition for his good deeds to the world population (Albert-Schweitzer-Haus Center, Germany).

Vietnamese magazines
Since 1980 Hundreds of articles in newspapers and magazines on Dien Chan and its tools, on Vietnamese dietetics and on Yin-Yang Qi-gong.

International Reviews and International Development
1985 “A new acupuncture method: face diagnosis and cybernetic therapy”, in “American Journal of acupuncture”, Vol. 13, No. 4, 12/1985, USA.
1986 “Facio diagnosis and cyberneto therapy” in “The Pacific journal of Oriental Medicine”, Vol.3, n°2, Autumn 1986 USA.
1987 “Le Dien Cham ou la facio reflexologie”, journal Médecines Naturelles September 1987 issue.
1988 “The face”, New Time in Russia nº50, December, translated into 10 languages, distributed in 114 countries.
1989 "The hidden face of reflexology", newspaper Le Lien, France, nº23.
1990 “Wonderful success of Pr Châu”, TPYA n°201 (21148)-01/09/1990 – (Travail magazine, Russia).
1992 “Facytherapie and Vietnamese tradition”, French Review “Énergie Santé” n°19 – Autumn 1992.
1992 Revue “Natural therapies” n°101, Oct. & Nov. 1992.
The VOA, BBC, RFI radios spoke several times about Dien Chan.
1992 “Yin-Yang Qi-Gong”, “Health Energy”, Winter 1992.
2002 Creation of clubqc in Spain and France.
2004 Magazine “Muy Saludable”, Ediprem; Communication. (Spain).
2005 “Línea Saludable” Magazine, RBA Publishers. (Spain).
2006 Swiss magazine “Recto Verseau”.
2007 Creation of SwissDienChan in Switzerland.
2009 International Dien Chan Bùi Quôc Châu Foundation and Dien Chan bqc Federation in Canada.
2009 Founder and Honorary President of the Dien Chan Academy in France

Published works
In Vietnamese
diện Chẩn – Điều Khiển Liệu Pháp (The foundations of Dien Chan 1984 (1st edition 6000 expl.), 1986 (2nd edition 20000 expl.), 2003 (3rd edition 20000 expl.)
Hướng dẫn xoa mặt (Lessons of Dien Chan, facial massage for the treatment of common diseases.), 1984, 2006.
Do hinh chua cac benh thong thuong theo phuong phap Dien Chan-Dieu Khien Lieu Phap (scheme to treat common illnesses with Dien Chan, cybernetic therapy), 1986.
Sổ tay Facy (urgent care and contraceptive techniques - English-Vietnamese bilingual ed.), 1986.
Ẩm thực dưỡng sinh, (Basics of Vietnamese dietary nutrition), 1986, 2006.
Âm Dương khí công (Yin-Yang Qi-gong, the Vietnamese breathing method), 1987, 1990, 2005.
Học Thầy Không Tày Học Bạn, (Learning from both master and colleagues.) 1990.
Tuyển tập đồ hình (Schemes of Dien Chan), 1990, 1992, 2004.
Bài giảng (Lessons on Dien Chan), 1993.
Ngũ thập đại huyệt (The 50 major main points), 1998.
Kinh nghiem dieu tri cua hoc vien 1+2 (Treatment experience of Dien Chan students for the care of common pathologies) 1999.
Cẩm nang 1 & 2 (Aide-mémoire 1& 2), 2000.
Chìa khóa vạn năng (Master Key), 2000.
Sách tổng hợp DC (Nha trang) (Summary of Dien Chan treatments in Nha Trang), 2000.
Kinh nghiệm điều trị (Treatment experiences of Dien Chan students), 2000.
Sách tổng hợp DC (mới, 2 cuốn) (Nha Trang) (New editions of the summary of the Dien Chan experience in Nha Trang in 2 volumes), 2001.
Kỷ yếu (Summary of 20 years of discoveries and practices of Dien Chan) 2000.
Mắt thấy tai nghe (What the eyes see and the ears hear), 2002.
Kinh nghiệm điều trị Mắt - Nguyễn T Quốc Khánh (Hải Phòng) (Treatment of eye diseases), 2004.
Diện chẩn hợp tuyển 1, 2, 3 (Dien Chan vol I, II, III.), 2004, 2005, 2006.
Tổng kết nghiên cứu ứng dụng DC 2005 huyện Vũ Thư tỉnh Thái Bình (Summary of Dien Chan treatments in 2005 in Thai Binh), 2006.
Tổng kết nghiên cứu ứng dụng DC 2005 Phan Xuân Quyên Hà Nội (Summary of Dien Chan treatments in Hanoi in 2005), 2006.
Chữa bệnh theo đồng ứng (Dealing according to the theory of similarity of forms), 2008.

In French
ABC of Dien Chan, Original Vietnamese Method of Facial Multireflexology, Grancher 2009 edition

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