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emotional acupressure

Emotional acupressure is a simple and non-intrusive technique that allows you to free yourself from emotional blockages in a few sessions, at any age.

It is a painless method that does not require reliving past stresses, nor knowing the causes of these blockages. She makes sure not to bring up emotions that are difficult to manage. It requires no medication or needles of any kind.


What happens during a session ?

Following an interview, the person sits on the table (lying down and dressed).

A session takes place in two parts,

First, an energy rebalancing thanks to the five-point Acupressure method, a technique developed by Doctor Delatte more than 20 years ago. (see book 5 points a point that's all)


There are 22 circuits of 5 points which make it possible to rebalance the body (stress, anger, negative mental, but also the skin, the colon,…) For all emotions or energies which disturb us, one presses lightly on points (located on the acupuncture meridians) to circulate the antidote energy of the energy that we want to hunt.


The person will then be on good energies and will therefore be able to deal with situations that disturb them.


Then, thanks to the taking of the pulse, we will evacuate theemotional blocks.


What is an emotional block?

the emotional blocks put in place without our knowledge in our brain, most often during our childhood, prevent us from functioning in accordance with our primary identity.

Any event that cannot be put into perspective is likely to cause emotional blockage.


These blocks act completely without our knowledge and push us to adopt behaviors that we have not chosen.


​ You have to understand that most blockages are created during childhood, at a time when you are unable to take a step back from events.

We are all full of these conditionings, they are in our subconscious, which means that, very often, we do not know them. One of the things that lets us know that it's an emotional block and not our way of being is that this behavior often bothers us.



This therapeutic method makes it possible to erase them durably and effectively.


It is gentle, fast (3 to 4 sessions spaced a month apart) and these few sessions can replace years of therapy.

Indications :

– Adult: stress, anxiety, burn-out, depression, sleep disorders, self-confidence, concentration, memory, eating disorders, sexuality, fears, phobias, tics…..

– Child: self-confidence, sleep, separation, school difficulties, anger, enuresis, eating disorders, allergies,..…


– Baby: Crying, separation, colic, eczema, sleep…

My school cursus: 
I did my first Psycho-bio-acupressure  courses with Doctor Delatte in 2012. Then I followed the whole course up to level 5. I was also a trainer. I left the Institute in 2019, without stopping to practice, but in a different way,  and created emotional acupressure. 
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